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How to Become an IAS Officer in India? | IAS Coaching

Turning into an IAS by joining the Indian Administrative Services is a fantasy of lakhs of individuals in India. Regardless of whether it is the distinction, or the enthusiasm to serve the nation and achieve changes at the ground level or simply the compensation and the advantages, Civil Services or IAS is the unit that is effectively the highest of the nation. However, while many know about the way that you need to show up for the UPSC Civil Services Examination to become an IAS, relatively few know how to become an IAS officer.

In this article, we have given the verifiable foundation, qualification rules. As well as how to become an IAS officer details referenced underneath for your reference.

As of now, there are three methods of enrollment to IAS viz

Through the Civil Services Examination led by UPSC consistently.

With the help of advancement of State Civil Service officials to IAS.

Through the choice of non-State Civil Service officials.

Approximately, 66 (2/third) posts are intended for Direct Recruitment and 33 (1/third) posts are intended for the advancement portion.

UPSC Civil Services Exam

UPSC’s full form is Union Public Services Commission. The UPSC Exam is otherwise called the Civil Services Exam. The exam is led by the Union Public Service Commission, the focal organization for choosing government employees in India. You can check the official page for UPSC common administrations test disclaimer.

The test is directed every year and a huge number of hopefuls show up for the test. Hence, this makes it extreme to clear the test in the main endeavor for some.

There are no limitations put on the applicant dependent on their monetary, social, or instructive foundation. Furthermore, anybody can apply for the IAS Exam and show up for the CSE relying upon their arrangement and potential.

In India, the everyday issues looked at by the average person are tended to by administrators. Officials assume a significant function in the Indian Administrative framework. In that, the first-rate position is District Magistrate (Popularly known as District Collector), IAS Officers.

IAS officials assume a significant job with regards to the regional organization, who care for the approach execution, tending to the requests and issues looked by the network under his locale. Quite a ground-breaking post in India, individuals in India have due regard to the IAS officials.

The charm, the IAS officials hold is a major motivation among youth in India. That drives them to get ready for the IAS test. Consistently, generally, more than 10 lakh applicants apply for the common administration’s test, with a plan to become IAS, IPS, IRS, and other tip-top Group A and B administrations remembered for common administrations test.

How to Become an IAS Officer

To turn into an IAS official, one needs to get ready and clear the common administration test directed by UPSC. The UPSC test is led in three stages – Prelims, Mains, and Interview. Applicants planning for UPSC, need at least one year of readiness and the test cycle itself takes around one year, so by and large, if all goes emphatically competitors require at least 2 to 2.5 years to become IAS official.

UPSC Civil Services/IAS Salary

UPSC Civil Services or IAS up-and-comers get a compensation going from Rs. 56,100 to Rs. 2,50,000. Note that all applicants chose for IAS start at the sub-divisional justice level/undersecretary/colleague secretary which gets a compensation of Rs. 56,100. Applicants frequently stay on this post for around 1 to 4 years.

There is a progressive degree and dependent on the years spent in the administration, the compensation keeps on expanding with the post. The most elevated post is of Cabinet Secretary of India which draws a compensation of Rs. 2,50,000 every month. Be that as it may, while the compensation is moderately low, the advantages of being an IAS are unrivaled.

What is IAS?

Vast numbers of us ask what or who is an IAS official. IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service. To become an IAS Officer one should clear the UPSC IAS test. Association Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the public authority office that is answerable for choosing the best possible possibility for this administration. Yet, what is the IAS test that understudies need to take? The up-and-comer who has freed the UPSC assessment from Indian Administrative Service gets introduction in every one of the jobs like the head of public area units, gatherer, official, boss secretary, and so on.

Qualification Criteria: How to Become an IAS Officer in India

There are many necessities for the IAS official that one requirement to tick to try and be qualified to ‘apply’ for the most esteemed test in India. Yet, the main basis is close to home qualification and self-assessment. One should be clear about their motivation for needing to do IAS and a tad of self-reflection and understanding will go far. The other specialized bare essential is referenced beneath.

Coming up next are the instructive capabilities fundamental to be qualified for the assessment.

To be qualified for the test one should have a degree from an Indian University.

The college can be Central, State, Deemed University or an open college under the UGC demonstration.

Whenever accomplished through correspondence or distance training additionally, one is permitted to show up for the test.

MBBS graduates can likewise show up for the test, regardless of whether not finished the entry level position.

On the off chance that you have cleared any of the last degrees of any expert course from sheets like the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI), ICSI and ICWAI, at that point you can show up for the UPSC.

On the off chance that the applicant has finished the degree in an unfamiliar college perceived by the Association of Indian Universities, at that point that up-and-comer can show up for the UPSC test.

UPSC Examination

UPSC conducts Civil Services Examination for the enlistment of IAS/IPS/IRS and other Group A and Group B administrations. It is held each year and UPSC for the most part delivers official notice in February or March. The assessment is held in three phases, specifically Prelims, Mains, and Interview.

UPSC Prelims test is a target type question paper. It comprises of two papers, to be specific, GS Paper 1 and CSAT for 400 imprints. In light of the understudy’s imprints in GS Paper 1, applicants are shortlisted for the Mains assessment (Note: CSAT Paper is qualifying in nature 66.67 checks out of 200 expected to qualify).

IAS Mains assessment is normally held in September/October for those understudies who qualified in their Prelims assessment. In Mains assessment, UPSC conducts an unmistakable test to test the competitor’s scientific and understanding capacity on different points. Mains assessment has 9 papers, in which 7 papers are incorporated for merit (1 Essay, 4-GS, and 2-discretionary Papers) and 2 papers (English and Language Paper) are qualifying in nature.

In view of the composed imprints, understudies are shortlisted for Interviews. The Final Selection list is readied dependent on student Mains and Interview marks.

Age Limit for IAS

The UPSC has exacting necessities with respect to the age of an applicant. Something very similar is for age limit for IAS test as well. The age factor is crucial for people who want to know how to become an IAS officer. Here are the details:

While showing up for the test one needs to guarantee that they are not over the age of 32 if from the overall classification.

The up-and-comers who are over 32 preceding August 1 in the time of showing up for the test are not qualified.

The age will be loose up to 35 for the up-and-comer from the OBC classification and as long as 37 years for up-and-comers who have a place with the SC/ST classification.

Some different leniencies gave by the public authority to the under-spoke to segments of the general public are as per the following:

  • Truly Handicapped: Category – General – 42 years, OBC – 45 years, SC/ST – 47 years
  • J and K Domicile Candidates: Category – General – 37 years, OBC – 40 years, SC/ST – 42 years, Handicapped – 50 years
  • Ex-Servicemen Candidates: Category – General – 37 years, OBC – 40 years, SC/ST – 47 years
  • Handicapped Defense Services Personnel: Category – General – 37 years, OBC – 40 years, SC/ST – 42 years

Number of Attempts in IAS Exam: Every competitor showing up for the Civil Services Examination has a set number of endeavors.

Preparation: How to Become an IAS Officer

Thus, breaking the UPSC Civil Service Exam is the best open door for you to understand your fantasy about how to become an IAS officer. Further, becoming an IAS officer at an early age will give you a favorable position in the advancements and an opportunity to become Cabinet Secretary who is the Top-most leader official and senior-most government employee of Government of India.

With Proper commitment and difficult work, anybody can break the UPSC Civil Services Exam for turning into an IAS official. Up-and-comers getting ready for the IAS test ought to comprehend the interest for UPSC test example and prospectus. Applicants likewise need the correct direction and help to accomplish their fantasy about turning into an IAS official.


To turn into an IAS official, one needs to get ready and clear the common administration test directed by UPSC. The UPSC test is directed in three stages – Prelims, Mains, and Interview. Applicants getting ready for UPSC, need at least one year of planning and the test cycle itself takes around one year, so in general, if all goes decidedly competitors require at least 2 to 2.5 years to become IAS official.

Aside from this, understudies ought to likewise have an appropriate report plan and arrangement system as Civil Services Exam is perhaps the hardest test in India. It requests a devoted report. Understudies wanting to get ready for the IAS test should begin their planning, in any event, one year before the Prelims test date. This is in light of the fact that the UPSC schedule is tremendous and it requires some investment to comprehend the subject points.

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