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IAS Coaching Institutes in Chennai have been able to manage a significant amount of fame in recent years. There are many who want to become an IAS officer and serving the country is a desire every UPSC contender wants to achieve. Therefore, candidates require the right direction to succeed in this journey. This is where the IAS coaching center in Chennai comes in.

They fulfill this ambition by providing you the right direction through the assistance of experienced tutors. In fact, preparing well is the key to success in the UPSC examination. Hence, we have listed some data for all the competitors on Best IAS Coaching centers in Chennai. This article will give you all the basic data concerning which coaching to choose.

Top 10 Institute for IAS Coaching in Chennai is our list that we have made, remembering that today, a large number of candidates from different streams wish to become an administrative official. The UPSC test is no doubt the hardest test that you will show up for in your life. But, with the assistance of the best coaching in Chennai, it undoubtedly won’t be too tough.

In this article, you will find the Top 10 IAS Coaching in Chennai. All the institutions in the list have been recorded remembering the noteworthy factors, for example, the admission cycle, number of students in a batch, coaching schedule, fee structure, and so on.

Reasons to go for IAS Coaching in Chennai

Coaching institutes in Chennai has been one of the top choices for candidates in our country. Based on the accompanying components, students pick these institutes in Chennai over others:

  • Transportation: Traveling starting with one point then onto the next in Chennai is very easy and comfortable, in comparison to other cities. You don’t need to pay a huge sum for transportation on account of the availability of different methods for transport.
  • Student Amenities: Chennai is moreover known for its essential student enhancements, for instance, film theaters, restaurants, libraries, etc. Additionally, food is also not too expensive in Chennai.
  • Exposure: Preparing for a tough test becomes a cake-walk when you meet people who are on the same path as yours. Because of a vast number of competitors, various candidates feel that it is a good choice to study in Chennai.

Why Choose an IAS Coaching in Chennai

The UPSC and Civil Services Examinations are the loftiest assessments in our nation that gives you a fantastic chance to turn into part of the group of people driving the country. It gives you control, qualification, popularity, and dignity related to an expanse of chances to accomplish something incredible for your nation.

The tests anticipate that you should be exact and educated about the current issues. The UPSC tests expect you to be logical in an even manner and to be able in settling on quick and target decisions in testing conditions. Henceforth, it is fundamental to be cautious and informative while picking your IAS coaching in Chennai.

Ensure that you do concentrated exploration around the courses and personnel, Read surveys, check the earlier year results of the foundations to get a genuinely instructed guide considering your odds of cracking the UPSC test through the chosen establishments.

Factors to look out for while choosing an IAS Coaching in Chennai

With the expansion in the prevalence of the common administration assessment (UPSC), a few coaching foundations have cropped up everywhere on the Chennai passageway. The greater part of these establishments guarantees to make you an IAS officer. However, unfortunately, that isn’t the situation. Try not to fall prey to advertising contrivances. There are a few factors that contribute to the choice to pick the Best IAS Coaching in Chennai among all the choices available. We have made a list for you to look at the points that should be evaluated before choosing an IAS coaching center in Chennai.

The factors are:


Experienced Faculties have the edge over different instructors as well as they are able to comprehend the UPSC Pattern in a way that is better than any other person. They comprehend the significance of every single subject and give the equivalent to their candidates. Strategies and advice provided by experienced educators encourage candidates to get an additional edge over other contenders.

Selecting an institute with excellent faculty members ensures that a student performs well in the UPSC examination. Hence, it is better to choose an IAS coaching in Chennai that offers the best UPSC exam faculties.

Material Provided

Books, Test Series, and different materials are given when a candidate joins an organization. Top establishments generally refresh their material as indicated by a year ago’s test and example. Test Series are extremely useful in IAS Preparation, all the organizations among our Top 10 IAS Coaching in Chennai have extremely updated material and test arrangements.


The area is yet another major factor with regard to candidates who originate from various states to get ready for IAS Coaching in Chennai. All the establishments in our Top 10 IAS Coaching In Chennai are available by all methods for transport. The area makes it simpler for voyaging candidates as well as for local people as well, students getting ready for IAS don’t care for burning through their time.

You should always consider checking the locality factor before choosing a coaching institute in Chennai. It should not take too much time for you to reach the institute since the preparation time becomes lesser that way.


A great deal of IAS Coaching in Chennai charge a lot of expense yet can’t convey results. The sum that IAS Coaching in Chennai charge is a major factor for candidates when they think about joining an establishment for IAS Coaching. Foundations like Officers and Success Academy have earned the best position in our rundown, the reason being their acceptable return of venture for a candidate.

The fee charged by institutes are an important factor while choosing a coaching because it is essential to know how much we are investing in an institute and how much its is worth investing actually.

Past Performance

Results, during a large portion of the occasions, show you the genuine image of an establishment. Past year results tell who cleared the IAS Exam, as well as how many numbers of them, were in the top rankers list. We investigated the consequences of the previous 5 years of all the organization and afterward incorporated our rundown of Top 10 IAS Coaching in Chennai. Past year results additionally give a thought of the number of students among the entire bunch who had the option to clear the IAS Examination. Remembering all the above focuses, past outcomes ought to be one of the main factors to consider when searching for an IAS Coaching in Chennai.


Another method of deciding whether an Institute is acceptable or not is by asking about it from its current cluster of students. Our group conversed with a lot of students in progressing clumps of IAS Coaching, and made the accompanying rundown of Top 10 IAS Coaching in Chennai. Foundations like Smart Leaders and Manidha Naeyam were a few among them.


All the above components will give you a review of an Institute. Aside from the above variables, there is consistently the alternative of self-examination. Students themselves can see whether an organization is acceptable or not in the event that they put a tad bit of exertion on research.

IAS Coaching in Chennai

In this article, we have listed the Best 10 IAS Coaching in Chennai. The readiness of the IAS (Indian Administrative Services) Examination needs the right guidance. A large number of you who need to become an IAS Officer are searching for the best IAS Coaching in Chennai. Is it accurate to say that you are ready to go for any hardship required to become an IAS Officer? In the event that your answer is Yes, we will proceed for the Complete Information and Ranking of Best IAS Coaching in Chennai.

The Chennai city is loaded with seashores. The city has given us famous personalities like Viswanathan Anand, Rajni Kant, Padma Lakshmi, Dinesh Karthik, and others. Also not to overlook IIT Madras. Our Chennai is having all offices in one spot. The Civil Services Preparation needs Patience. Try not to anticipate quick outcomes. Yet, for Later on Result as well, You need to choose the best foundation for the IAS Exam arrangement.

List of Top 10 IAS Coaching in Chennai

  • Officers IAS Academy
  • Success IAS Academy
  • Shankar IAS Academy
  • Sathya IAS Academy
  • Impact IAS Academy
  • Manidha Naeyam IAS
  • Smart Leaders IAS
  • Cracking IAS Academy
  • Periyar IAS Academy
  • Chinmaya IAS Academy
    Our ranking for the top 10 IAS Coaching in Chennai are as follows:

Rank 1: Officers IAS Academy

Officers IAS Academy rank one

Officers IAS Academy was the idea of Four individuals who themselves had not cleared the tests yet had served in the civil services. The Director himself, Israel Jebasingh has in reality cleared the IAS test twice. He is joined by other individuals, Mr. Rangarajan, Subramhanyan S, Satapathy R, and Anandi Israel in the regulatory board. Officers Academy has become a prestigious Coaching center in Chennai.

Officers Academy: Top IAS Coaching in Chennai


Batch Size150 students
Coaching ScheduleMonday to Friday as well as on weekends
Past PerformanceSufficient Data Unavailable
Study Material of IAS Coaching in ChennaiCoaching Notes, IAS Mains Coaching Notes, Optional Coaching Notes
Admission ProcessOnline Mode only.
FacultyMr. Israel Jebasingh, Mr. Rangarajan R, Mr. Nandakumar
Fee StructureComplete Package: General Studies (Prelims + Mains) + CSAT + Optional + Mock Interview: 1,40,000
GS + Optional + Mock: General Studies (Prelims + Mains) + Optional + Mock Interview: Rs. 1,28,000
GS + CSAT + Mock: General Studies (Prelims + Mains) + CSAT + Mock Interview: 1,16,000

Top IAS Coaching Center in Chennai

If you are looking for the best IAS coaching center in Chennai we would advise you to visit the Officers IAS coaching which has achieved the highest ranking in our rundown. The sole reason for its ranking is that the Officers IAS ACademy in Chennai is a top choice for IAS coaching. It has excellent faculty members and the students of this institute perform very well in the Civil Services Exam. You can go to this institute easily by trusting its reputation and past results.

Ranking 1st in the List of Top IAS Coaching Center in Chennai. This coaching institute has become quite famous within a short span of time. the best IAS officers in Chennai along with a few others have given rise to this academy which is now everyone’s favorite. If you want to achieve a good result, you should join this institute without thinking twice.

Their main objective is to grant a scholastic degree to UPSC Aspirant as well as provide updated regular information to every competitor.

The best mock tests are conducted here with UPSC’s most recent Question papers. Occasional Workshops and Seminars additionally directs for the Best Possible Preparation of IAS Examination.

Contact Details

  • Address: Officers IAS Academy, Plot No. 935, 6th Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040
  • Phone: 09677174226
  • Website: www.officersiasacademy.com

Rank 2: Success IAS Academy

UPSC coaching in Chennai rank two

Success IAS Academy was set up in 2003 and since then they have successfully prepared around 250 students in accomplishing their IAS dreams. Their valuable course programs comprise of reasonable based learning of center subjects like Sociology, Geography, History, political theory, and other significant subjects. The institute follows the educational plan with the customary arrangement of tests as well as personality improvement classes.

Success IAS Academy: Top IAS Coaching in Chennai


Batch Size30 students
Coaching ScheduleWeekend classes start at 9:00 AM and go on till 7:30 PM, weekday batches start from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Past PerformanceRank holder Dr. Ariya Sakthi, IPOS (2012)
Study Material of IAS Coaching in ChennaiIAS Coaching Notes, Optional Subjects Class Notes
Admission ProcessContact the institute authorities for updated details regarding the admission process.
FacultyTop Coaching Faculty in Chennai.
Fee StructureGS- Rs. 1,05,000+GST for the entire Course.

Best IAS Coaching Center in Chennai

The Coaching Institute works very hard to ensure that their candidates perform well. So, if you’re willing to become an IAS officer and serve the country, then secure your spot in this IAS academy and increase your chances for the same. This institute has the most popular faculties who have done the best tutoring in Chennai. This academy is one of the main IAS/IPS/IFS/UPSC common administrations training establishments in India or in entire south India. With the help of their always available workforce, the Institute helped a greater part of the alumni to accomplish their exceptional objectives.

For additional details, you can check their site. They offer multiple coaching options for its students which will surely help you become a successful IAS officer. Without wasting time, join this institute today.

Contact Details

  • Address: 4F, 13th Block, Jains Green Acres, Dharga Road, Jamin Pallavaram, Chennai – 600 043
  • Phone: 09940054689
  • Website: www.successiasacademy.com

Rank 3: Shankar IAS Academy

Top IAS coaching in Chennai rank three

Set up in 2004, Shankar IAS Academy has made 900+ IAS and other first-class administration staff up until now. With a staff group that is viewed as truly outstanding in the nation, the institute gives training to Prelims, Mains, and Interview. In light of its outcomes and histories, Shankar IAS Academy has been picked as the favored Civil Services instructing accomplice by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (Government of India) and Kapu Corporation (Government of Andhra Pradesh).

Top IAS Coaching in Chennai


Batch Size100 students
Coaching ScheduleRegular classes take place on weekdays and on weekends that start from 8 a.m or 9 a.m. and go on till late evening.
Past PerformanceAkshy Sridhar AIR Rank 45, Arun Thamburaj AIR Rank IAS 6 and others.
Study Material of IAS Coaching in TrivandrumMains IAS Coaching Notes, IAS Coaching Integrated Study Material.
Admission ProcessTo reduce difficulties, this institute conducts online admission only.
FacultyTop Faculties from several states.
Fee StructureGeneral Studies (Prelims cum Main): Rs.95,000
GS+ CSAT + Optional = Rs.141,000

Why Choose this Institute

For IAS Coaching in Chennai, Shankar IAS Academy is the most reputed and acclaimed IAS training establishment in Chennai. It particularly offers an assortment of options like IAS mains training, IAS prelims instructing, IAS Prelims + IAS Mains Coaching, IAS personality test training.

In the UPSC common administration assessment, the current affair takes up a significant role. The best part about this coaching in Chennai is that they provide extremely updated content related to current affairs and news discussion. Besides, they also allow classroom interaction on various topics of current affairs which is very important for the UPSC exam preparation.

The content and curriculum of the Shankar IAS Academy site are constantly refreshed. They provide all the necessary study materials which are required for the UPSC exam preparation in Chennai. Additionally, they also conduct mock tests and evaluate candidates on the basis of the results obtained from the test.

Contact Details

  • Address: Door No 18, Old Plot No 109, New Plot No 259, AL Block, 4th Avenue, Shanthi Colony, Annanagar, Chennai ‐ 600040.
  • Phone: 07667766266
  • Website: www.shankariasacademy.com

Rank 4: Sathya IAS Academy

UPSC coaching center in Chennai rank four

Sathya Academy is a top choice among students and hence, ranks 4th in our list. It offers coaching for prelims, mains, and the interview phase of the examination. Besides, it is also known for the excellent quality of study materials provided to its students. With a well-trained group of faculty members, this UPSC Coaching is a great choice for students.

Sathya Academy: Top IAS Coaching in Chennai


Batch Size40 students
Coaching ScheduleClasses are held on regular days from 8 a.m. to late evening.
Past PerformanceJeyaseelan AIR 45
Study Material of IAS Coaching in TrivandrumOffline test series, IAS Coaching notes.
Admission ProcessBoth online and offline mode of admissions is supported. However, it is better to register online.
FacultyNo data are available.
Fee StructureGS- Rs. 74,000 for 11 Months
Optional- Geography- Rs. 14,000 for 11 Months

Contact Details

  • Address: #758, N.S.K Nagar Signal,
    Arumbakkam, Poonamalli High Road,
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600106
  • Phone: 089390 91939
  • Website: www.sathyaias.com

Rank 5: Impact IAS Academy

UPSC Coaching center in Chennai rank five

Impact IAS Academy was set up in 2006 and has the credit of helping many IAS Aspirants accomplish their dream. Their primary focus is to give reasonable and quality instruction to various IAS competitors independent of the monetary factor. The carefully arranged educational programs, intelligent instructional courses, and consistently led test arrangements help the candidates qualify the exam.

Top IAS Coaching in Chennai


Batch Size50 students
Coaching ScheduleThis Coaching offers classes in different durations. Contact the institute for updated batch timings.
Past Performance
Sharanya Ari AIR – 7 UPSC Topper 2016
Study Material of IAS Coaching in ChennaiBest Study Material, UPSC Exam notes, Classroom notes.
Admission ProcessAdmissions are conducted online, you can also personally visit their center for any query. Furthermore, they also provide scholarships.
FacultyNo Data Available.
Fee StructureRs.90,000 for General Studies. Optional subjects are charged differently. Visit the website for complete details of the fee structure.

Contact Details

  • Address: AC 12, 2nd Avenue, Opp. Hotel Saravana , Bhavan, Univercel Show Room Complex, 3rd Floor, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600 040
  • Phone: 098405 57455
  • Website: www.impactiasacademy.com

Rank 6: Manidha Naeyam IAS Academy

IAS coaching center in Chennai rank six

Founded in 2006 by the humanitarian and social activist, Thiru Saidai Sa Duraisamy, Manidha Naeyam IAS Academy had started its initial batch with 28 students, and out of 17 of the students had successfully cleared prelim. Further, 9 out of these 17 students eventually cleared the Main exams. From this impressive initial record, the institute had gone on to train hundreds of IAS Aspirants and helping them reach their goals. Sadai Duraisamy had started Manidha Naeyam with the vision to help economically vulnerable students with free coaching and helping them to attain the IAS goal without the burden of money hampering their dreams. The institute provides Free coaching and has successfully helped 2960 IAS aspirants with their dreams.

Manidha Naeyam: Top IAS Coaching in Chennai


Batch Size90 students
Coaching ScheduleExact Coaching Schedule is informed after registration.
Past PerformanceInsufficient Data.
Study Material of IAS Coaching in ChennaiTop study materials, best classroom notes for UPSC preparation.
Admission ProcessIt is advisable to register yourself online.
FacultyNo Data.
Fee StructureFree of Cost.

Contact Details

  • Address: #28, 1st Main Road, C I T Nagar, Chennai – 600 035
  • Phone: 09025408908
  • Website: www.mntfreeias.com

Rank 7: Smart Leaders IAS

UPSC coaching in Chennai rank seven

Smart Leaders IAS Academy brags of a group that has made fruitful records with regards to preparing efficient IAS officials. They have been giving successful direction to applicants and that is additionally what makes them diverse in their preparation. They have organized their preparation strategies in such a manner in order to enable the possibility to draw out the best in them.

Smart Leaders Academy: Top IAS Coaching in Chennai


Batch Size100 students
Coaching ScheduleClasses are conducted on weekdays and weekends from 9 a.m to 8:30 in the evening.
Past PerformanceSandhya Sameera AIR Rank 1001
Study Material of IAS Coaching in ChennaiUPSC Notes, Mock test series.
Admission ProcessAdmissions are conducted both online and offline. Contact the institute to know more.
FacultyInsufficient Data
Fee StructureGS – Rs.1,24,000
Optional Subject – Tamil, Sociology, and History.

Salient Features of the Institute

  • Inspirational lectures provided by the top faculties from different parts of the country.
  • Knowledge-based IAS classroom teaching by professional mentors
  • Mock Testing sessions based on Real Time IAS Classes
  • Issue-based discussions on current affairs
  • Motivational Sessions conducted by top faculty members
  • Interactive Sessions held with IAS IPS officers regularly
  • Provides Hands-on experience of the personality test conducted by UPSC

Additionally, the institute also has an excellent Library, Computer Labs as well as Hostel facilities for students.

Contact Details

  • Address: No.5105/1, 15th Main Road, “H” Block, Anna Nagar West, Chennai – 600 040
  • Phone: 07200010122
  • Website: www.smartleadersias.com

Rank 8: Cracking IAS Academy

Cracking IAS Academy rank eight

Ranking 8th in our list is Cracking IAS Academy. The institute started its journey in 2005 and has been successful in producing thousands of IAS officers across the nation. The distinguishing factor of this institute is the quality of notes and study materials it offers.

Cracking IAS Academy: Top IAS Coaching in Chennai


Batch Size30-40 students
Coaching ScheduleThe timing of the batches is informed after enrolment.
Past PerformanceIAS Rank 419, IAS  rank 618, and more.
Study Material of IAS Coaching in ChennaiUPSC Notes, IAS Exam study materials
Admission ProcessAdmissions are conducted both online and offline. You can contact the institute for further details.
FacultyTop Coaching Faculty in Chennai
Fee StructureRs. 1,20,000 Integrated for 1 year
GS- Rs. 90,000

Contact Details

  • Address: No.59/1228,2nd floor,18th main road, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040
  • Phone: 098845 54654
  • Website: www.crackingias.com

Rank 9: Periyar IAS Academy

Periyar IAS Academy rank nine

Periyar IAS Academy was founded to fulfill the dreams of its Mentor Thanthai Periyar and Annai Maniammaiyar. This coaching in Chennai has a great reputation and an excellent success rate. Updated study materials are provided to the students. Besides, the faculty members are extremely helpful and supportive.

Periyar IAS Academy: Top IAS Coaching in Chennai


Batch Size25 students
Coaching ScheduleThe coaching schedule is informed after the registration process.
Past PerformanceIAS rank 712, Rank 128, IAS Rank 519
Study Material of IAS Coaching in ChennaiAll Notes are provided.
Admission ProcessAdmissions are conducted both in an online and offline format.
FacultyProf. S.N Nappoly, Prof. M.K Aliamoorthy
Fee StructureRs. 50,000 Integrated for 10 Months.

Additional Features

This training has been discovered provincial and ideal coaching for UPSC test arrangement, they provide Individual regard for every candidate. Further, they also have tasteful showing procedures towards a Product/Case Study instructing. This is known as the Best UPSC Coaching in Chennai. They have a Phenomenal group of instructors. Besides their Achievement Rate is acceptable. Periyar IAS Academy also has a Serious learning Environment, State-of-the-art Study Booklets as indicated by the most recent prospectus design.

Periyar IAS Academy Chennai is molded into vocation arranged experts with a brilliant future. Periyar IAS Academy is on the ninth number in the rundown of top UPSC instructing organizations in Chennai.

Contact Details

  • Address: Periyar Thidal, 84/1 EVK Sampath Salai, Vepery, Chennai, Pin code:-600007
  • Phone: 044 -2661 8056
  • Website: www.periyariasacademy.com

Rank 10: Chinmaya IAS Academy

Chinmaya IAS Academy rank ten

With an experienced group of faculty members and years of success, Chinmaya Academy is one of the top choices for UPSC coaching among the youth in Chennai. Additionally, they prepare students not just for the exam but also makes them job-ready. The rank of the students passing out of this institute, speaks for themselves.

Chinmaya Academy: Top IAS Coaching in Chennai


Batch Size50 students
Coaching ScheduleCoaching begins in the month of May or June. Batch timings are informed beforehand.
Past PerformanceNo relevant data
Study Material of IAS Coaching in ChennaiOffline test series, IAS Coaching notes, IAS coaching study materials
Admission ProcessOnline as well as offline.
FacultyNo data available
Fee StructureRs. 75,000+GST for 15 Months ( Integrated).

Top UPSC Coaching in Chennai

This institute offers excellent Instructions to accomplish your fantasies without losing your assurance, that you truly need to know. You can go to this institute any day because Chinmaya Academy is on our list of top IAS Coaching in Chennai for its excellent facilities. They have well-trained faculty members, proper guidance, excellent infrastructure, library, study rooms and so much more to offer for the students willing to join.

Contact Details

  • Address: Plot No. 5063,  Belly Area,
    Z Block, Anna Nagar West, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040
  • Phone: 098407 01008
  • Website: www.chinmayaias.com

IAS Exam Pattern Explained

Stage I: Test is regularly taken particularly in May/June every year. Notice for this is frequently imprinted in December/January. The results are printed inside the half of August generally.

Stage II: Main assessment is regularly mostly taken in October/November every year. Results are commonly printed within the second week of March.

Stage III: Personality test (Interview) – it’s a definitive test and is fundamentally held in the month of April/May each year. Conclusive outcomes are commonly announced a few days before the accompanying test.

The instructive program for the chosen competitors generally starts in August every year. The best IAS coaching Centers in Chennai help UPSC candidates to follow their all-around tried UPSC test cracking Strategies. These procedures help candidates preparing for IAS to crack the exam easily.


The UPSC examination is one of the nation’s most difficult qualifying tests. Therefore, a competitor must be extra focused, and have the correct direction to qualify it. While the former two qualities are inside oneself, the latter can be accomplished with the assistance of experienced mentors. This is where IAS Coaching in Chennai transforms into an important factor. Other than the push the foundations provide, there are a few unique factors that are crucial for an IAS Aspirant’s Success. For instance, self-study is one of the basic components behind a candidate’s accomplishment in the evaluation. Consequently, along with the help of coaching, you have to invest in your own amounts of energy to qualify the test.

Frequently Asked Questions on IAS Coaching in Chennai

1. What will be the Total Cost of IAS Coaching in Chennai?

In Chennai, Top IAS Coaching Centers Charges nominal fees on the basis of various factors. The Cost of IAS Coaching in Chennai will be around 50,000 to 2.5 Lacs depending upon the IAS Coaching Center you choose.

2. Is Chennai a good choice for the UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation?

Yes! Chennai is one of the Best City to Prepare for the UPSC Examination. It has some of the Best IAS Coaching Institutes for UPSC Exam Preparation.

3. Are Weekend IAS Coaching Available in Chennai?

Yes, Weekend Coaching for IAS preparation in Chennai are available in some of the coaching institutes. If you are a working professional and want to prepare for IAS, Weekend IAS Coaching in Chennai is a very good option.

4. How to choose IAS Coaching in Chennai?

To help you choose an IAS Coaching Center in Chennai, we have prepared this list keeping in mind all the important factors. You may visit the institute personally after going through the list.

Additional Information on IAS Coaching in Chennai

Comments on the Best UPSC Coaching in Chennai

According to our ranking, Officers IAS Academy is the Best IAS Coaching Center in Chennai. If you require more information on the best IAS coaching in Chennai, you can visit their website.

How is Chennai for UPSC Coaching?

Chennai is a very good City to do UPSC coaching. In Chennai, there are excellent IAS coaching institutes that can help you to do UPSC civil services exam preparation. You should check the ranking of the top IAS coaching institute in Chennai on our website before finalizing the right Coaching Centre for UPSC preparation in Chennai.

Details of the Civil Service examination

The Civil Service Examination is generally conducted for selecting the best candidates out of thousands, for the different and decorated posts of the nation. UPSC is basically India’s central recruitment agency that conducts the exam to find the best IAS, IPS, IFS, and other Civil Service officers for the country.

The Exam Pattern:-

  1. Preliminary Exam is commonly known as the Prelims
  2. Mains Exam is particularly known as the IAS Mains
  3. The final one is Interview/ personality test
How many times the UPSC exam is held in a year

The UPSC exam is generally conducted only once in a year but it has three phases which are stated in the previous section. You can get more details related to the same in this article. The UPSC exam is one of the toughest exams in the country and hence, requires a lot of preparation.

The best institute that offers IAS exam test series

The best institute that offers excellent study materials for coaching is Officers IAS Academy. Along with that, some other noteworthy institutes are Success Academy, Shankar IAS Academy, Manidha Naeyam, and so on. You can check our ranking where all details are mentioned.

Should I go for UPSC coaching Center that is near my location in Chennai?

You can see that the possible answer to this question is already given under the contact details section above for each institute. All you have to do is just go and check them, evaluate the distance, and pick one according to your area of stay. We might want to encourage you to go for the IAS Institute which can provide you the best learning experience and provide the best IAS Result. Essentially don’t join any Coaching Center, only for the fact that it is close to your house. The UPSC exam requests extreme hard work and concentration, hence, you should join the best institute only for the best outcomes.

How should one choose IAS coaching in Chennai

To choose UPSC coaching in Chennai, at first evaluate the factors that we have mentioned on this list, and finally go for some research on your own. Never choose an institute purely on the basis of your instinct. You should always measure the important factors and then choose an institute. Furthermore, there are many institutes set up just for profit motive in and across Chennai. Do not fall victim to marketing gimmicks of small institutes that charge a high fee and do not produce any results. There are many institutes which will try to grab your attention, but only choose the one that has the potential to offer excellent results by being able to make you an IAS official.

Which academy offers the best test series & mock tests

The entire list has been curated after proper evaluation of how well an institute conducts tests and mocks for the UPSC exam. So, all the enlisted institutes are the best options for mock tests as well as test series which are conducted regularly, however, if we have to list down our top three institutes for the best test and mock series, they are as follows:
• Officers Academy
• Success IAS Academy
• Shankar IAS Academy
These few have proven to be the best across Chennai and hence, these are trusted by many.

Overall top 3 IAS Coaching Center in Chennai

For the best UPSC preparation, it is important to join an institute that offers all the necessary elements of a good coaching institute. Hence, after proper evaluation and examination, we have prepared this list that has institutes from across Chennai offering the best coaching facilities to crack the UPSC examination. You can choose one of these easily without thinking much. These institutes have years of experience and many students join them solely because of their excellent reputation. If we have to rank them overall as top 3, they are:

  • Officers IAS Academy
  • Shankar Academy
  • Success IAS Academy
Best institution to prepare for IAS in Chennai

The best IAS Institution in Chennai which can help you achieve incredible results in the UPSC civil services exam preparation in Chennai is Officers IAS Academy. Officers IAS Academy in Chennai has helped many students to fulfill the dream of becoming an IAS officer. Indeed, they are the best choice when it comes to choosing coaching for UPSC. They have all the essential elements of a good institute from Best faculties, study materials, test series, previous performances in the exam, alumni. They have simply proven to be the best UPSC Coaching in Chennai for several reasons. Over the years, they have been able to attract many students and prepared them for becoming decorated IAS officers.

How to select IAS coaching in Chennai

To select an institute for UPSC coaching in Chennai, first, you need to decide whether you need to take Coaching for the exam or not. If you want to take IAS coaching in Chennai then first look at the ranking of Top 10 IAS Coaching in Chennai by IAS Coaching. Once you go through our article, you can talk to the institute authorities as well as decide for yourself which institute will be the best for your coaching on the basis of the mentioned factors.

Which is the best weekend Coaching Centre for UPSC in Chennai?

In the event that you are searching for the greatest Weekend IAS coaching Institute, at that point you should visit Shankar IAS Academy in Chennai. This institute offers excellent weekend coaching options for those who are working or are studying in schools and colleges. They have the best weekend coaching support which makes them stand out among other institutes. You should go to this institute in Chennai if you are unable to attend regular weekday classes for some reason. Additionally, they also provide relevant study materials and all the extra support that is needed to crack the exam.

Expense for UPSC Coaching in Chennai

The expenses structure of the best IAS coaching establishment in Chennai is in the scope of rupees 80000 to 2 Lac INR. The expenses of the UPSC coaching foundation in Chennai vary on coaching to coaching premise. Charges of UPSC Coaching in Chennai additionally vary relying on the IAS course you are selecting. Regardless of whether you are searching for IAS mains coaching or IAS prelims coaching, or IAS mains in addition to prelims coaching in Chennai, the expenses of every one of these IAS courses is different. You can check our list for detailed guidelines related to the fee structure, or you may visit the institute personally. Another good option is to go through the institute website for updated details of the expenses.

UPSC coaching center in Chennai that offers hostel facilities

In Chennai, numerous individuals need to do UPSC common administrations from a reputed coaching establishment. Chennai is the ideal place for taking UPSC coaching. With regards to the choice of good coaching place for IAS planning in Chennai, numerous understudies need to take the institute that offers the best hostel facilities. You should select the UPSC coaching establishment which is having inn or PG close to the Institute. At the point when you are choosing the acceptable coaching establishment additionally take a look at the previous year’s outcome of that specific coaching organization. The great coaching establishment in Chennai with lodging facilities is Shankar IAS Academy, Officers Academy, Ganesh Institute, Vetrii IAS study circle – which is included in the list of noteworthy IAS coaching in Chennai. These are the best UPSC Coaching Center in Chennai with hostel facilities.

Top IAS coaching center in Chennai

Some of the top institutes for UPSC coaching in Chennai are Success IAS Academy, Ganesh IAS Academy, Officers Academy, Periyar Academy, Manidha Naeyam, Sathya IAS Academy, Chinmaya IAS institute, and others as listed on our ranking of the top 10 institutes. These are famous not only in Chennai but across South India for the facilities it provides. Besides, they also have an excellent track record of being able to produce thousands of officers who are now famous in their line of work. You should join one of these institutes if you want to become a successful IAS officer in the future. They offer many benefits which will help you in your preparation.

How to take admission

For getting admitted to the best IAS Coaching Center in Chennai first you have to check the positioning of best IAS coaching in Chennai by IAS Coaching, following which you have to call the establishment to book a demo class. After that, you may visit the foundation physically and converse with the mentors, past year students if that is possible. Take a look at the IAS past year results of the UPSC coaching before coming to the conclusion about which institute to choose. You can also pay the charges of the UPSC coaching in Chennai by the online mode or offline. This is the means by which the entrance into the top IAS Coaching Center in Chennai takes place.

Other Notable IAS Coaching in Chennai

  • Ganesh IAS Academy: For developing conceptual clarity and extraordinary life skills, Ganesh Academy is the best choice. It helps in shaping personality as well as provides updated current affairs resources for UPSC exam preparation.
  • All India Civil Services Coaching Center: This is one of the top IAS Coaching center in Chennai as per the updated results of 2020. You can join this institute for the best UPSC preparation.
  • Vetrii IAS Study Circle: Another top choice for UPSC Exam preparation in Chennai is Vetrii IAS Study Circle. It is known to be South India’s top IAS Coaching Institute.
  • Eva Stalin IAS Academy: Located in Tambaram, Eva Stalin offers intensive coaching to the students and follows an updated course curriculum for the UPSC Examination.
  • Indian IAS Academy: This IAS Coaching center in Chennai offers the best advises and is a favorite among aspirants. They provide online admission support for the convenience of the students.

To summarize, IAS Coaching at Chennai is a very good option for students. Top IAS Coaching in Chennai provide coaching by charging nominal fees, you can check the fees for IAS coaching in Chennai from our list of Top IAS Coaching in Chennai.

Other IAS Coaching in Chennai Details

Ganesh IAS Academy

  • Address: C-1 / C-52, II Floor,
    Mu.Vaa Arcade, Chinthamani Signal, 1st Main Rd, C Block, Annanagar East, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600102
  • Admission Procedure: Both online and offline admission is supported in this IAS coaching in Chennai.
  • Coaching offered: Live classes, Online sessions, Postal Education.
  • Fee Structure: IAS Prelims+Mains 18 months course Rs. 82,600,
    Prelims only Rs. 40,000
    IAS Mains Rs. 50,000
    Optional Public Administration: Rs. 35,040
    Optional History & Geography: Rs. 29,930

Why should you join Ganesh IAS Academy

Interactive learning opportunities, more than 1500 students have been selected in the UPSC examination, out of which 137 are successful IAS officers. Best IAS coaching in Chennai. It is the first private academy for UPSC coaching in Chennai and hence, trusted by many. They believe in shaping the personality of young minds so that they are ready for the future. Consequently, GIAS is the pioneer for civil service coaching in entire South India.

All India Civil Services Coaching Center

  • Address: 163/1, Kanchi, P.S.Kumarasamy Raja Salai, R.A.Puram (Greenways Road), Chennai-600 028
  • Admission Procedure: Visit this IAS coaching center in Chennai to know more about the admission process.
  • Coaching Schedule: Prelims coaching is offered from November to May, Mains coaching from August to November, and Personality test coaching is offered in March.
  • Fees: Nominal fees of Rs. 6000 is charged.

Reasons to join this top IAS Coaching in Chennai

Guest lectures with the help of eminent IAS officers, best IAS faculty in Chennai, more than thousands of candidates have entered the Civil Services with the help of this institute. Helps students prepare for the future. Having the most experienced faculty among other IAS coaching center in Chennai, they have given rise to many IAS officers across the country. Furthermore, they also focus on providing value-based education to aspiring IAS officers.

Vetrii IAS Study Circle

  • Address: Muthiah Hall, F Block 52 (1 1st Avenue Main Road, near Istha siddhi Vinayakar Temple, Annanagar East, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600102
  • Admission Process: Online, as well as offline mode of admission, is supported by this IAS coaching in Chennai.
  • Coaching Schedule: Provides online classes for IAS preparation. Offers updated study materials for UPSC as well as TNPSC study preparation which includes Current Affairs discussion by well-known faculties.
  • Fees: General Studies Prelims+Mains Rs. 90,000
    General Studies Mains Rs. 75,000
    Optional Rs. 30,000

Reasons to join Vetrii IAS Study Circle

Great reputation among other institutes in Chennai, South India’s Best UPSC preparation coaching center. Offers top-notch study materials and focuses on creating the best civil servants for the nation. They conduct a written test, on the basis of which the top 10 candidates are given a 100% scholarship. Additionally, this IAS coaching in Chennai follows updated current affairs topics for discussion in classrooms.

Eva Stalin IAS Academy

  • Address: 12/24, Muthuranga Mudali St, next to Deepam Hospital, Tambaram West, Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600045
  • Admission Process: Online applications are accepted in this IAS coaching center in Chennai.
  • Coaching Schedule: Coaching for UPSC as well as TNPSC provided in this IAS Coaching in Chennai. Besides, Guest lectures also take place. Batch timings are informed beforehand.
  • Offerings: Professional UPSC Coaching, focuses on career development and not just one exam. For instance, students studying in this coaching center in Chennai have an advantage over others.

Why should you join Eva Stalin IAS Academy

Eva Stalin IAS Academy in Chennai provides extra support for IAS coaching in Chennai. They conduct weekly test practice sessions as well as mock tests. In fact, Eva Stalin Academy offers the best study materials for UPSC examination. They have a well stocked library that has all the latest books and current affairs magazines. Students prefer Eva Stalin IAS Academy over others because of many reasons.

Indian IAS Academy

  • Address: AB 101, 2nd Floor, P.K.S Complex, 6th (Opposite to Marry Brown), 4th Ave, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040
  • Admission Process: Online as well as offline mode of admission.
  • Coaching Schedule:
  • Fee: General Studies Rs. 85,000
    Complete Course Rs. 1,35,000
    CSAT Rs. 15,000
    Optional Rs. 30,000

Why to join this IAS Coaching in Chennai

Conducts interactive sessions helping students learn and communicate. Additionally provides extra focus on students with no background knowledge in these areas. Builds clarity and confidence among UPSC candidates so that they don’t lack behind in the long run. Regular mock tests are conducted as well. Major factors to join this coaching include their professionalism and excellent faculty.

Top UPSC Coaching in Chennai Details

  • Join UPSC Coaching in Chennai
  • Access top IAS study material from coaching in Chennai
  • Availability of different languages for coaching
  • Top Current Affair topic discussion
  • Tips from toppers

Best IAS Coaching in Chennai| IAS Coaching at Chennai| IAS Coaching Center Chennai| Top IAS Coaching in Chennai

How Joining IAS Coaching in Chennai will help you:
  • IAS Coaching in Chennai Prepares you for your future.
  • Helps you understand the subjects better.
  • Studying in the top IAS Coaching in Chennai ensures excellent performance in the exam.
  • IAS coaching center in Chennai provides the best study materials for your preparation.
  • UPSC preparation strategy provided by ex IAS toppers.
  • Take preparation from Prelims to the Interview stage in IAS coaching center in Chennai.

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