How to become an IAS after graduation

How to Become an IAS Officer after Graduation? | IAS Coaching

There are many prerequisites for the IAS official that one requires to tick to try and be qualified to ‘apply’ for the most renowned test in India. Hence, how to become an IAS officer after graduation is a common question. However, the main basis is close to home qualification and self-assessment. One should be clear about their motivation for needing to do IAS and a tad of self-reflection and understanding will go far. The other specialized quick and details is referenced beneath.

The UPSC accompanies the notice for application for the assessment in the long stretch of February consistently though the prelims test will be directed in May/June as needs are. The applicants, who fit the bill for the Mains test, compose a similar test in October/November. Meetings, for example, the Personality Test will be occurring in March/April and the outcome will be pronounced in May/June. Subsequently, you come to realize that this cycle takes a total year and on the off chance that you were unable to qualify next stage, at that point it takes some more extended period.

How to Become an IAS Officer after Graduation

The post of an Indian Administrative Services official is viewed as a situation in the “Class A” rundown of officials for Indian Civil Services. Together the IAS, IPS, and IFS are considered the most renowned and all-around regarded occupations in Indian Civil Services. IAS officials hold places that are viewed as the most decent and key situations in the Union Government, State Government, and Public Sector Units in India. In this article, we have given in detail the means to turn into an IAS official. So how to become an IAS officer after graduation? It begins with qualification followed by the various phases of the UPSC Exam. It at last finishes up with various jobs, obligations, compensations, and assignments of an IAS Officer.

To turn into an IAS Officer, you need to qualify for the Union Public Service Commission Civil Services Exam (CSE). The test itself is directed as a way to select government workers to one of the 25 administrations that include the All India Services (IPA, IFS, and IAS), Central Services (IRS, Railways, and so on) and Group B administrations.

The test is viewed as among the hardest in the nation, if not on the planet. Among the lakhs of applicants who apply for the test, just 1,000 some figure out how to break it into the Indian organization. The achievement pace of the UPSC Civil Service Exam (CSE) is in this way under 1%.

Instructive Qualifications for becoming an IAS after Graduation

Coming up next are the instructive capabilities essential to be qualified for the assessment.

To be qualified for the test one should have a degree from an Indian University.

The college can be Central, State, Deemed University or an open college under the UGC demonstration.

Whenever achieved through correspondence or distance schooling likewise, one is permitted to show up for the test.

MBBS graduates can likewise show up for the test, regardless of whether not finished the temporary position.

If you want to know how to become an IAS officer after graduation, keep reading. On the off chance that you have cleared any of the last degrees of any expert course from sheets like the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI), ICSI, and ICWAI, at that point you can show up for the UPSC.

In the event that the competitor has finished the degree in an unfamiliar college perceived by the Association of Indian Universities, at that point that up-and-comer can show up for the UPSC test.

This is how you can become an IAS officer after graduation.

Age Limit for IAS

The UPSC has severe necessities with respect to the age of an applicant. Something very similar is for age limit for IAS test s well. Here’s elite:

While showing up the test one needs to guarantee that they are not over the age of 32 if from the overall class.

The applicants who are over 32 preceding August 1 in the time of showing up for the test are not qualified.

The age will be loose up to 35 for the competitor from the OBC class and as long as 37 years for applicants who have a place with the SC/ST classification.

The UPSC analysts are very exacting about as far as possible. Just those inside the age gathering of 21 to 32 years can apply. There is an age unwinding for OBC (3 years) and SC/ST (5 years) competitors. This is how you can become an IAS officer after graduation.

To top the serious nature of the CSE tests, you can just have a couple of endeavors to clear it. General classification competitors have an aggregate of 6 endeavors to clear the CSE, OBCs have 9 years, and SC/ST applicants can have a limitless number of cuts at it until they arrive at their permitted age limit.

Some different leniencies given by the public authority to the under-spoke to segments of the general public are as per the following:

  • Genuinely Handicapped: Category – General – 42 years, OBC – 45 years, SC/ST – 47 years
  • J and K Domicile Candidates: Category – General – 37 years, OBC – 40 years, SC/ST – 42 years, Handicapped – 50 years
  • Ex-Servicemen Candidates: Category – General – 37 years, OBC – 40 years, SC/ST – 47 years
  • Impaired Defense Services Personnel: Category – General – 37 years, OBC – 40 years, SC/ST – 42 years

IAS Exam Details

You know, the IAS is basically an exceptionally serious assessment. Besides, the schedule is planned so that subsequent to finishing this test you become a knowledgeable and proficient overseer. There are subjects like History, Geography and Economy alongside one optional subject which you can browse a given rundown in the official warning. Prelims is a target test though Mains is enlightening so the test tests you completely for different characteristics and assorted information. You can locate the itemized prospectus in the official warning of the UPSC. The syllabus will be distributed on foreordained dates on the site of the UPSC.

The very first moment shows up for the test and the day he/she gets chosen for the administration is a pleasing excursion for the concerned student. It requires a great deal of exertion to be placed into the right methodology and system alongside the appropriate direction. Otherwise, it turns into a more extended excursion and vulnerability poses a potential threat without a doubt.

The test itself is organized into three sections – the Preliminary (Civil Services Aptitude Test – CSAT), Main Exam, lastly the Interview.

Preparation for IAS After Graduation

The market is abounding with IAS preliminary material and books. Hence, how to become an IAS officer after graduation is easy to answer. However, It is humanly difficult to cover all the books. However, there are sure notable books that are helpful in making a progress towards qualifying for the test.

There is a portion of the books and related points incorporate NCERT preliminary books for the UPSC test. India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra, Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh, Essays for Civil Services by Pulkit Khare, India Year Book for current undertakings, Pax Indica by Shashi Tharoor, and then some others.

True to form, the test is available to Indian residents just, for IAS and IPS administrations of the ICS.


Hence, the answer to how to become an IAS officer after graduation requires applicants to have in any event a college degree from a perceived college. Be it Central, State, Deemed, or an unfamiliar college perceived by the Association of Indian Universities. Up-and-comers with a correspondence instruction or a capability perceived by the Government of India are likewise qualified. Last year understudies are likewise endorsed for application to the main phase of the test. We hope your query on how to become an IAS officer after graduation has been answered well.

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